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Paalam's was founded in February of 2003. Our executive team consists of:

L. Narsi Narasimhan Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Paalam Inc. Narsi is a former professor of Management Science and Management Information Systems at the DuPree College of Management at Georgia Tech. In 1993, after 5 years with Tech, he became an entrepreneur and advisor to several startup firms including, Business Oriented Software Solutions, Add2Home, SoftQuiz, Dilato, Burton Training Group, Buildspan, and the Chennai (India) based Proalgen Biotech Limited (formerly ACL Chemicals Ltd.). He is the founder of the Indian Professionals Network.

Krishna G. Kushwaha, Ph.D.
Krishna has worked for Nortel for more than 20 years, rising to the rank of Director of R&D, with strong emphasis on quality and processes. He served two years in India, growing Nortel's operation from circa 320 professionals to around 750 professionals. Later as EVP of R&D for CyberCash, he had a team of roughly 100 programmers reporting to him out Bangalore, in addition to development teams in USA (Reston, VA, and Alameda, CA). He also served as VP of Offshore Outsourcing for NCS Pearson, a $1.3 billion unit of Pearson PLC (owner of Financial Times and Penguin Group).

Leonard F. O'Neill Jr., BS, MET.E, MBA.
Len brings with him 20+ years of experience in product design and development, manufacturing processes, marketing, business development and strategic planning. He is a former global product and market manager who has had winning project proposals in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Guatemala and the USA. He is an experienced strategic planner for joint venture partners. He is also the president of Global Management Consulting Services, Inc.

The drive to start Paalam was based on the following reasons:

  • Indian IT sector growth:
    Paalam recognized a trend of a rapidly developing IT industry in India that could be leveraged to fill a void in the US market created by greater needs for high level software developers.
  • Outsourcing is favored to immigration:
    With the tightening of immigration restrictions following 9/11, Paalam was quick to create a solid network of service support that could meet the demanding needs of our clients without the hassles associated with immigration requirements.
  • Paalam builds the bridge to project success:
    Paalam realized that the missing link for companies in the US and India was a cohesive strategy for project success. Utilizing our knowledge of the American market and the cultural differences in the Indian IT community, Paalam was able to bridge the two for successful collaborations for client project needs.
  • Paalam eliminates the risk for the U.S. companies: Paalam realized the risks involved in working with foreign companies who had no local ties to the business community. By offering a satisfaction guarantee to the customer, Paalam is able to offer peace of mind that the project will be completed successfully even if local sources must be used. This policy eliminates risk and maximizes the productivity of our clients.
    In summary, by awarding the project to Paalam, the clients do not have to bear the risks associated with outsourcing while enjoying the rewards of utilizing a low cost high caliber offshore talent pool. Paalam is an Atlanta based company. We are the prime contractor and we subcontract to one or two partner firms based on the needs of our clients.

Paalam provides software services in the following areas:

  • Offshoring Strategy
  • Software development and related Services
  • Contact Centers
  • Business Process Outsourcing


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Core Services

  • Software QA/testing
  • Software maintenance
  • Information portals
  • Mobile solutions
  • ERP
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Web services
  • Claims processing
  • Application processing
  • Business process outsourcing


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